The Workplace Training Program

3A Academy & Consulting Ltd helps Albertans obtain additional job skills and applicable work experience through uniting job seekers and employers needs together. Through this program, 3A Academy & Consulting Ltd Clients become employees while the program pays prospective employers for providing applicable on-the-job training to the client.
The Workplace Training (On -The - Job) Program Provides the Following Benefits to Job Seekers and Employers:
It helps clients who may have the right skills but need extra job experience
It helps clients who need to learn basic job skills while in a work setting
It links unemployed Albertans directly with employers
It encourages employers to train and hire unemployed people
The Workplace Training program is oriented to help Albertans acquire transferable occupational skills and directly applicable work experience under prospective employers. Participating Albertans become full-time employees for up to 26 weeks while their prospective employers are reimbursed for the job training and the work experience provided.
Client Eligibility Requirements
Participants must be unemployed, residing in Alberta, legally entitled to work in Canada, and:
in receipt of active Employment Insurance (EI) benefits or
Had an EI benefit period within the previous 60 months and are seeking to re-enter the workforce (i.e individuals with reachback eligibility).
Alberta Works Income Support (IS) Clients and other Albertans may also be eligible for the program.
Participants must also:
18 years of age
Be ready, willing, and able to benefit from Workplace Training
Have been experiencing difficulty in obtaining work because they need more job specific training or retraining and additional experience to achieve viable employment
Have sufficient literacy and numerical skills to benefit from training (not less than Grade 9 level)
Have sufficient health to participate in and benefit from training
Employer Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for the Workplace Training program, employers must demonstrate:
The ability and experience to deliver Workplace Training with attention to transferable occupational skills
Potential to provide trainees with continued employment after the Workplace Training is completed
Compliance with Alberta Labour Standards, employment code, and other applicable regulations
Financial stability and accountability

We provide employment placement services and workplace training in partnership with Alberta Labour and Alberta Community and Social Services.

The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.
Les gouvernements de l'Alberta et du Canada travaillent en partenariat et financent conjointement des programmes et des services d'aide à l'emploi.
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3A Academy & Consulting Ltd Provides Services for Employers, Job Seekers & Individuals Needing Computer Training
We provide employment placement services and workplace training in partnership with Alberta Labour and Alberta Community and Social Services.


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Upon successful completion of the program participants will graduate with their certificate.

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