Job Finding Club

Networking Opportunities for Employment



Linking Skills to Today's Job Market


This program is provided to all Albertans looking for employment in today's job market.
New ways to connect to the job market.

 Two-Week Job Finding Club (JFC) will include the following:



·        Coping with Job Loss                                                    ·        Setting Goals                

·        Dealing with Change                                                     ·        Transferable Skills                      

·        Job Search Strategies                                                   ·        Career planning                                               

·        Support Networks                                                         ·        Resume writing                                                      

·        Interview Skills                                                            ·         Managing your Money

·        Communications                                                           ·        Networking Development



No cost for eligible participants




The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.

Les gouvernements de l'Alberta et du Canada travaillent en partenariat et financent conjointement des programmes et des services d'aide à l'emploi.